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Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Looking for great small bathroom remodeling ideas? Well you’ll have to start thinking outside the box and advise with bath remodeling contractor. Well, what is a small bathroom? It depends on who is looking at it. Objectively, small bathroom is small in relation to the general size of the house. In general, small bathroom runs from 16-60 square feet.

A small bathroom can be:
  • Three-Quarter bath: It has a sink, toilet and shower/tub, where family member can have all their needs in one bathroom.
  • Half-bath: It has a toilet and a sink, where guests can take care of their basics and wash their hands.
  • Full-bath: It has sink, toilet, tub and shower. The tub and shower are usually combined together due to the fact this bathroom has a small space. 

Some bathroom remodeling ideas for small spaces:

Measure up

Measuring the bathroom space should be the first step, it can contribute to your fixtures and furnishing purchase. For example: measuring the walls area is important when buying packs of tiles, it will give you a good idea on how many you will need.

Color choice
  • By having light colors on your walls, curtains and the overall color decoration, the bathroom can look more extended.
  • Having as much natural light (through skylight/window) as possible.
Space saving fixtures

A great way to save room in the bathroom is having bathroom fixtures that are corner feature. These fixtures are placed in the corner of the bathroom in order to save maximum amount of space.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas: I
  • n order to save space, use pedestal sink.
  • In order to mitigate costs place sink, toilet and tub/shower along one wall.
  • Lighter paint colors will make the room feel larger
  • Less windows in a small bathroom will be a good idea, since it can take up valuable space
  • In order to make the small bathroom feel less cramped, it is advised to lay ceramic tiles at a diagonal.
  • Don’t use to many decorations in the small bathroom, it should be kept proportional to the size of the bathroom
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